Student Life

We at EPIC firmly believe that students require a well-balanced life to be able to reach their full potentials.

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EPIC International school has a wide range of activities

that ensures your child’s growth mentally, culturally, physically and emotionally. We cater to every child’s needs and our programs provides the students with a chance to figure out their interests and talents.

Student Life

School Houses

The idea of school houses is based upon the Greek system that most collages abroad apply. It’s a system where students enroll in one of four houses. Each house would have a name and a logo. It would also have a chairman and vice chairman. The different houses would compete throughout the year, tracking their scores and adjusting their strategies in order to ultimately win the house trophy. This system encourages students to work in teams. They also get to find out their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to use them. Moreover, it increases their sense of belonging to both; their team mates and to the school. The more students feel at home the more likely they are to exert maximum effort to achieve their potential.


We raise world citizen with an ownership to their identities. They accept all cultures and differences but yet adhere to their own identities. In that sense we at EPIC International school create a full calendar of local and international events that include exposing students to the diversity of the world as a whole and others to introduce them to their own identity and cultural norms. For more info about our curated events plan, please check the school calendar that is constantly being updated with the latest events and happenings.


Going on trips is an essential part of being a student. School trips is how you make memories and build real bonds with your colleagues and teachers. Moreover, it boosts self-confidence and resourcefulness. With this in mind EPIC international schools periodically arranges for all kinds of trips to enhance the learning experience and help develop students’ personal traits. Our trips vary from entertaining, cultural, historical and even adrenaline inducing destinations. 

Student Life

Community Service

Winston Churchill once said:

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.

If you are not giving back to the community, you are not in one. At EPIC international school we understand the importance of being part of the community. In our mission to create wholesome, well balanced human beings we as a school carry our role in social responsibility with utmost seriousness. We also encourage our students to play their parts in the society by integrating them in various community service activities like helping out in an orphanage, assisting the elderly or even raising funds for a bigger cause. These activities not only teach our children empathy but it also teaches them that even the smallest of actions can make a major change in other’s lives. Throughout the years our student will get to learn the power of giving and their own powers of making change.

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Student Life

Sports Activities

We believe that sports are an international language on its own. It helps different people find common grounds and group around a common interest. Moreover, enhanced physical abilities boosts self-esteem and confidence. We understand that a healthy mind requires a healthy body and that our students have abundance of energy that we wish to direct to healthy options. Therefore, we offer our students courts for all kinds of sports that would intrigue them to participate. The school encourages competitions as we believe they are the perfect motivation for the students. In that sense we develop sports competitions throughout the year to keep them engaged and directed.