Director’s Welcome

Welcome to EPIC International Schools
I am privileged and honored to serve as the Director of EPIC, leading our school community.
Why have I chosen to be a part of EPIC? Because I firmly believe that our students at EPIC possess the power to make a positive impact and change the world for the better. EPIC was established with a mission to inspire students to become lifelong learners who contribute positively to a diverse and evolving world.
Now, more than ever, we find ourselves in a time when such contributions are greatly needed. Our world is transforming at an unprecedented pace, with each passing day bringing new changes and challenges. Technological advancements, global connectivity, and shifting societal dynamics require us to prepare students for a future that is constantly evolving.
To achieve this goal, we are committed to nurturing our students at EPIC, guiding them to develop into inquisitive, open-minded, collaborative, compassionate, reflective, principled, balanced, effective communicators, responsible risk-takers, critical thinkers, and knowledgeable individuals who embrace good citizenship. These qualities will form the EPIC graduate profile, which we aspire for each student to embody from early childhood through graduation and beyond. It is through the cultivation of these skills that our EPIC students will gain the tools to create a better world and shape the future.
To accomplish this mission, teaching and learning at EPIC are rooted in six core Learning Principles: (1) Relevance, (2) Timely Feedback, (3) Engagement, (4) Belonging, (5) Reflection, and (6) Collaboration. These principles, based on extensive research and best practices, form the foundation of the EPIC experience. Our dedicated faculty and school leadership are wholeheartedly committed to providing your child with an educational journey infused with these principles.
I am genuinely excited about the school year ahead, and I hope you share in this enthusiasm. EPIC is an exceptional educational institution, where our faculty, staff, and students are committed to excellence. Together, we will create an environment that fosters growth, empowers students, and prepares them for success in an ever-changing world.

Once again, I warmly welcome you to EPIC, your home for education, growth, and exploration.


Warmest regards,

Dr. Marwa el sayed
School Director