Director’s Welcome

Whether it is a commitment to excellence or a commitment to high standards, Edu-Paradigm International College’s “EPIC” commitment to its vision and its students makes all the difference. EPIC is a school that targets capturing the joy of its students for life and learning and the joy of their teachers for their work spread that to the community they come in contact with to be able to inspire our students with that joy-filled worldview.
At EPIC, everyone considers the academic, emotional, and social needs of our students. We take to our heart in every sense of the the word the mission to have such a supportive environment that makes students willing to take risks to become better.
At EPIC, We all place our students at the forefront of every decision we make. A culture based on values such as excellence, creativity, courage, honor, and optimism that leads to maximizing the potential of every learner we encounter.

Mutual trust and respect between home and school will surely promote students’ growth, individualized learning, and respect for a diverse educational life. We believe that students need to feel that their learning means something. Purpose engages students and inspires them to strive for more and be prepared with the necessary 21st century skills to be successful in their future.
At EPIC, we have a focus on and a piloting initiative for the latest technology needed nowadays to provide our young ones with the educational opportunities that make them shine bright in their careers. We also value the uniqueness that each student brings to his or her learning and construct learning opportunities aiming to challenge each student just beyond what he or she is able to do. We meet students where they are and provide relevant, real-world tasks for them to apply their new learning to.
At EPIC, we all work together and support one another like a family—a family away from home. We will always bear a tone or a feeling that conveys a message that is welcoming and safe and ensures that all students belong here with a shared philosophy. It is an environment where everyone will be working on the common goal of maximizing the potential of every learner. To make learning truly happen, we will make sure that staff, students, and families at our school are all on the same page, both academically and behaviorally to make our school a safe place for our beloved ones to learn and excel.
At EPIC, every student will be empowered to be a leader by listening to their voice and enacting their ideas. We are committed to collaborative, inquiry-driven learning that engages the whole student. We are committed to creating a community of caring, global-minded thinkers. Regardless of our role, we are all responsible for meeting the learning, growth, and developmental needs of students.
EPIC owns a positive culture where hard and smart work is valued and appreciated. Trusting and caring relationships among administrators, teachers, and students are the foundation and heartbeat of the school. We aspire to make students’ energy, enthusiasm, and excitement for learning contagious all over the school.
At EPIC, Positive energy will always be seen and felt to help one another grow. 
Dr. Amira Sabek
School Director
Director’s Welcome

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